Reading is the one of major modules in IELTS training for 9 bands. Many students think scoring good in writing is a herculean task.
The writing module is different than other modules.There are certain resons which we need to understand.

Firstly, Writing module has a typical format .It is an hour activity which is divided into 2 tasks.
Task 1: 3 bands 20 mins (150 – 180 words )
General Training – Letter Writing
Academic Training: Report Writing

Task 2 : Essay Writing for GT & AT
6 bands 40 mins
( 250 – 280 words )
While completing these tasks the candidates do not get the options. The test wants your views in your own words.You are not expected to copy the questions in the answers but you need to paraphrase them.If the candidates copy the questions , they will not get the bands for it.Along with this IELTS wants your answers should not be mugged up from the books. In short, it demands your natural thoughts.

Secondly, reading module has 4 parameters to check writing tasks.

A) Task Achievement/ Response:
This parameter checks the fulfilment of the questions asked and have you covered all the points related to the tasks as well as it checks the words count. If words are undercount, there will be penalty.

B) Cohesion & Coherence:
It is the second parameter to check the writing tasks.Cohesion and Coherence are about the grammatical and logical linking of the tasks.It looks for paragraphs, cohesive devices, semantic connectivity of the text as beginning, middle and the end.

C) Lexical Resources:
It includes vocabulary. The examiner checks the wide range of vocabulary, new words, repetition of the words and spelling mistakes etc. If there are spelling mistakes and repetition of the words, bands will be cut down.

D) Grammar Range and Accuracy:
This is the last but important parameter.Many test takers write up their tasks grammatically incorrect.Punctuation, tenses, voice, modal verbs and kinds of sentences are checked in this parameter.
In the written exam, it is expected that the test takers should follow these parameters to achieve the dream band scores.

Thirdly, nowadays people write less and type more. Almost 80 % test takers choose Paper & Pencil Test and few of them go for Computer Based Test. Those people who go for paper & pencil test face problems while writing the tasks.The reason is the test takers have less practice sessions and no proper evaluation of their tasks.

Fourthly, connecting your ideas in an apppripate way is the biggest challenge. Many test takers face this problem.

Finally, good handwriting is a plus point but nowadays very few people have that skills. Though you will not lose your marks for bad handwriting but it should readable.

To sum up, IELTS writing has been a prominent module for the test. The four evaluation parameters guide to have desired band score in your writing test.