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Why IELTS reading is considered as a difficult module ?

As I work with LangTech Hub,the best IELTS training institute in Pune. I have helped many students to achieve their desired band IELTS scores in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.Many students think that academic reading or general reading is difficult among all the modules. Somewhere, they are right as reading is a tough task.
There are some reasons which make IELTS reading challenging.

Firstly, we need to understand the pattern of the reading test which is totally different from our college exam pattern. As it is an international language testing system, they have maintained their unique global standard. The passages and the questions never repeat again but it happens in our universities as we call it “IMP or VIMP.” It is all about objectives. It means you can be either right or wrong. You have to write minimum 1 word or 3 maximum words for the answers.

Secondly, the format of the reading module is typical.There are 3 sections with 40 questions and you have to solve it within an hour.
The level of each section goes up from first to the next.
There are 10 types of different questions in it.Among them all , T/F/NG, Y/N/NG, Match the Heading and Multiple choice are the time consuming and challenging questions.

Thirdly, nowadays those voracious readers are very less.People love to watch the videos on social media and television not reading books.That lack of reading habit stops them from getting their dream band scores.

Fourthly, the unclear grammatical concepts and poor word bank are the major reasons not to get the ideas in given passages. Generally passages contain effective use of tenses, narration, modal verbs and complex sentences etc.If grammar is poor then there is no way to inculcate the ideas of the text.
In addition to this,IELTS is all about paraphrasing. In the reading test,they do not use the similar words but it meaning. It takes time to undestand what is given in the questions and text. There is excessive use of synonyms, antonys, one word substitution, conversion and diffrent clause shifts.

Furthermore, inconsistency in practice is another reason of not scoring the desired band score.Many test takers have a dream to fly but they don’t keep up with the consistency. It is very important to get familiar with all kinds of questions of reading test.If you commit mistakes, you can understand how to deal with such questions in the next test.

Finally, Non- standard study material and lack of proper guidance can cause a biggest problem.
While practicing, your test material should be equivalent to the material of Cambridge Assessment. (which arranges for British Council or IDP) Non – standard material will not give the crystal clear idea about the real test.
Improper guidance causes a huge loss of time ,money and energy so you need the best trainer/ guide who can clear your doubts and understand the your problems. You can have maximum motivation from your trainer only.

To conclude, IELTS is about your skills and understanding of the test pattern. Hard work, the quality material and the best guide can help you out to achieve your desired band score and you will take off to your country.