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Spoken English Classes in Hadapsar

  • Beginner’s English (Level 1)
  • Intermediate English ( Level 2)
  • Advanced Business English (Level 3)
  • Word Booster Workshop
IELTS Classess in Pune

It is the first level for the learners who have basic language problems and they do not have English environment at their home or office. The purpose of this level is to help them out to enhance their basic language skills as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Generally, many of the learners have the following language problems and we train them with our unique training-
1) Vocabulary: Many learners do not have enough basic vocabulary while communicating with others. They try to connect with the words but get stuck. Keeping this in mind, we conduct vocabulary activities along with story-telling.

2) Sentence Making: It’s the biggest problem for the weak students. They find tough to make sentences. In this level students will get techniques to make simple sentences.

3) Translation Method: New English learners try to translate sentences in their mother tongue first and then into english. It takes a lot of time to find the words and check it grammatically. We help them out to think in English with speaking activities.

4) Weak Grammar: Grammar has been a biggest problem for the new learners. Learning grammar with activities is always easy. We emphasize more on activities.

5) Less practice: Everyone knows the value of English communication but they do not get participants to speak with. We arrange more sessions like role plays, group discussion, interview, presentation, body language and impromptu etc. These sessions help them out for English speaking.
In this scratch course the learners can get enough confidence to have day- to -day conversation. The course is designed for house wives, students, working professionals and job seekers.

This is the best course for the leaners who have some knowledge about grammar but they need to have brush it up. Many of them learnt grammar rules but they do not know how to use it daily life. Even simple conversation is not a cup of tea for them. If you follow our techniques, then English communication is a piece of cake for you.
Problems and solutions:
1) Less grammatical clarity: Our Indian education system provides grammar from 5th standard to till graduation. The grammar which we learnt it, was for written exam. The purpose to learn those grammar sessions was for achieving good score in the exams and not to communicate with each other. Keeping this in mind, we train our learners with better concept clarity for each and every topic. We follow ‘what and why’ approach.

2) Low Confidence/ phobia: It is a big obstacle for the new English speakers. They always are in a thought i.e. L.K.K. If I commit a mistake then what will people think about me? (Log kya Kahenge ?) And then they never try to speak in front of anyone. The fear of mistake stops their speaking ability. We highlight our training sessions to remove out the fear and make you more confident.

3) Less Environment: As we did mother tongue acquisition with the natural language learning process. (E-LSRW) English learning was totally opposite. (i.e WRSL-E) Due to lack of English environment, people do not have enough speaking. We help out the learners to change their mind sets from Hinglish/ Marlish to English.

4) Lacking in soft skills: In this competitive world, hard work and communication skills are not enough. We have a biggest need of soft skills to deal with different people smartly. We should have good body language, email writing skills, presentation skills, interpersonal communication skill, assertive communication etc. We polish these skills in our interactive sessions.

5) Vocabulary problem: Even after having sufficient grammar knowledge, people fail to communicate in English because of their weak vocabulary. Vocabulary is like your bank balance. If you don’t have it then you can’t buy anything from anyone. In this well-designed course, we build up vocabulary with many speaking activities.

This is well organized course for the working professionals who have certain problems related language, soft skills and business communication skills. The Purpose of this course is to rule out the weaknesses of the learners and make them confident. Once you pick up the skills, it will help you to take off your career.
1) Grammar: Many of them speak without knowing the applications of grammar. At certain time others find out their mistakes and make fun of them. To avoid this, you should have a good hold on grammar part. Mastery in grammar makes you more confident. In our grammar sessions we try to sharpen your grammar.
2) Vocabulary: A good speaker always comes up with new words all times. The effective use of vocabulary makes communicator successful in his aim. The speaker should have adequate stock of vocabulary which can decorate his/her communication style for example- phrasal verbs, idioms and advance words.
3) Soft skills: As you grow in your professional life, you need to polish yourself with required soft skills. It is always a beautiful experience to flourish your career in this competitive world. These essential skills are as body language, interpersonal skills, presentation skills, assertive communication, problem solving, email writing etc.
4) Business communication skills: The professionals who work for foreign background organizations, find it difficult to deal with them because unawareness of the business communication skills. In a certain situation the cross cultural and social context play a vital role. Many of the people don’t know how to deal with their work for example- working on projects, meets, work and life balance, decision making, work performance and accountability etc. We train our learners with activities and certain case studies.
5) Pronunciation: Vernacular medium speakers have MTI (mother tongue influence) problem. It becomes very difficult for them to understand what that client says. The native speakers speak English very fast and with proper pitch, tone, intonation and stress. In our training session you will have a better idea about IPA, phonetic symbols, vowels etc.

Language is a medium of communication and it is made of words. Words are like ornaments which can beautify our common language into superior. When it comes for communication, the selection of the words matters a lot. The impact of communication totally depends on the words you select. The successful people use their word bank very wisely. They select few of the words and get the maximum output. As we are into this competitive world, where we get very few chances to get across with our targeted audiences. While keeping this in the mind we have to enrich our vocabulary. New words bring taste in our communication and it is the best way to impress the audiences for example- Whenever the celebrities have the interviews, they don’t use the common vocabulary as we do in our everyday life. That’s something new. It is rightly said, “First impression is the last impression.”
As far as English communication is concerned, many of the people complain about their poor vocabulary. They say after trying many times they could not get the success in it. We have designed a great boost of words for you. Our communication needs advance level vocabulary, synonyms & antonyms, phrasal verbs and idioms. As this is a workshop of 7 days, you can have a great experience to imbibe these things quickly. You will learn the following topics:
A) Advanced vocabulary:
You will get hundreds of new and uncommon words to learn with their uses. You will learn how to use them sentences.
For example:
1) He is a hypochondriac person.
2) It was a big chaos.

B) Synonyms & Antonyms:
Most of the English learners don’t know more words. In this training you will be able to use them in sentences.
For example:
1) Barren –
2) Hinder_

C) Phrasal verbs: It is a group of words combined with a verb and a preposition and it has different meaning in the sentence.
For example:
1) Call off:
2) Get across:

D) Idioms: An expression which has a different meaning in the context.
For example: Break a leg, piece of cake.

Ashok Bhui

Ashok Bhui


MA, MPhil (English)

Certified IELTS Trainer / English & Business Communication/ Interview Skills / Soft skills/ Voice & Accent/ PD Trainer


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I have had a pleasure to be a part of this Institute Ashok Sir was my Mentor who has guided me throughout the journey of my success. I completed my course in a month time and cleared my IELTS with the desired score for my professional registration abroad. Thank you Ashok Sir for your guidance and Regards to all the team at Langtech Hub


I had a great experience attending online sessions during covid pandemic. They provide plenty of material which will help you prepare for exam. I would highly recommend you this coaching centre for IELTS.

Chinmayee Malvankar

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