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IELTS is an International English Language Testing System to gauge the language proficiency for non-native English Language Speakers to go abroad to pursue higher studies, for employment or to immigrate. Read More IELTS Course

Beginner's English (Level 1)

This course is designed for the learners who completed their education from the vernacular mediums like Marathi, Hindi etc. It includes basics of grammar, sentence making, basic vocabulary, simple role plays etc. This course is beneficial for the students, homemakers and new learners of english. Read More

Intermediate English ( Level 2)

This course is helpful for the learners who already know a little bit of grammar, but due to fear they can not express their ideas. It is helpful to understand grammatical uses as well as building confidence. It also enhances fluency. This course is best for college students, working professionals etc. Read More

Advanced Business English (Level 3)

This fantastic course is designed for working professionals who need to use formal language in offices and in the businesses. It contains advanced grammar uses, vocabulary, accent,speaking and soft skills like telephonic skills, meetings, emails, assertive Communication, Interpersonal communication skills etc.This course is helpful for the people who have to communicate with English users in office or work. Read More

Professional Skill Development Courses

  • Voice and Accent – Learn to speak like native speakers
  • Interview Skill Development
  • Personality and Soft Skill Development

German A1

This course teaches students how to recognize and use common everyday simple sentences that are related to real-life situations. The learner learns how to ask simple questions in both spoken and written form, as well as how to offer directions.
The student can improve his or her basic grammar skills while also expanding his or her vocabulary. Read More about German A1

German A2

Students learn how to effectively interact in everyday situations as well as how to read and interpret simple texts. Students understand terms and commonly used expressions that are directly relevant to their immediate circumstances, such as personal or family information, shopping, job, and so on. Can discuss his or her past and schooling, immediate surroundings, and other activities relevant to immediate requirements in a simple manner. Read More about German A2

German B1

Students learn to consolidate and relearn essential grammatical structures while also learning to lead discussions on interesting subjects. When concise, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar issues such as job, school, leisure time, and so on, students are able to understand the essential concepts.
Students are capable of dealing with the majority of circumstances that arise when travelling in the language region. Students are able to express themselves clearly and simply on familiar topics and personal interests. Students can write short comments to justify or explain their own opinions and plans, as well as reflect on experiences and events, convey dreams, hopes, and goals. Read More about German B1

French A1

Students can understand everyday expressions and basic sentences to help him or her get by in everyday situations. Students can recognise simple words and guess the meaning of predictable texts. They can use simple everyday basic expressions and interact in a simple way if the person speaks slowly and clearly. Read More about French A1

French A2

Students can master skills such as reading, listening, and speaking. Students can understand commonly used statements and phrases. Students can also read more difficult texts on a wider range of topics more easily. Read More about French A2

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