Voice and Accent Training

This is an awesome course prepared for the non- native speakers of English who have certain problems in pronunciation. English is a global language with different accents as British, American, Australian etc. Being Indian speakers of English, we face some issues in pronunciation as Mother Tongue Influence (MTI), unawareness about English phonetics, transcription, stress, intonation, etc. Many learners do not understand the pronunciation of the native speakers in meetings, conferences, sports, and Hollywood movies but when an Indian speaks with another Indian, they understand each and every word.
As far as Indian speakers are concerned, we have pronunciation problems with some sounds for instance- North Indian speakers have problems with /S/ and /SH/. Furthermore, South Indian speakers have problems with /z/ and /s/ and Maharashtrians face problems with /t/, /d/ and /r/. In addition to this, many of the speakers cannot differentiate between /w/ and /v/, /s/ and /sh/ and /t/ and/d/ etc. Our course includes effective chapters for better pronunciation.
A) 44 Sounds of English: The basic of voice and accent is sounds. i.e Consonants and vowels. You will get clear cut ideas about sounds.
E.g central vowel, back vowel etc.
B) Place and Manner of Articulation: In this chapter you will get the ideas where and how the sounds are pronounced.
e.g glottal, fricative, voiced and voiceless
C) Phonetic transcription, stress and intonation: The crucial chapter is related the phonetic language, emphasis and the melody of the speech.
e.g table/’teibl/ Ex,ami’nation
D) Strong and weak forms: Strong and weak forms are very much important in our speech and it can be learnt here effectively.
e.g were, have, of etc
D) Tongue twister drilling: Tongue twisters are useful to clear our pronunciation of difficult sounds.
e.g She sells sea shells at the sea shore.
E) Accent Neutralization: It is the ultimate goal to pronounce English clearly without any difficulty. It needs immense practice.

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